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We Give You the Tools to Tackle Your Retirement Concerns

Attend one of our retirement education courses today. You will learn the tools needed in order to have the best retirement possible.

"So many questions ... I need to find out how to answer them. Your course was extremely valuable in pointing out how unprepared I am for retirement ... and now I see the light on what needs to be done."

K. McDonald

"Do it. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s a great deep dive."

Scott A.

"There is a different strategy to preserve and distribute wealth versus accumulating it ... Tax management and different financial tools are required ... This course makes you aware of key aspects on this topic."

B. Moser

"Be prepared for a lot of information!"

Maureen A.

"First, it is the comprehensive basics of what you need to know when you are planning for retirement, and I would recommend that they attend five-10 years before retirement."

Susan S.

"Kirk is passionate about this topic and it shows with his unbridled enthusiasm."

Wes D.

“Extremely informative. Critical information for anyone wanting to retire without worry.”

N.J. MacIntosh

“The energy, passion and knowledge of the presenters really added to the value of the course. I knew going in that I had significant gaps in this area, and this helped close them. Thank you!!!”

D. Waldon

All client testimonials contained herein were given voluntarily and without compensation.

Financial Wisdom, At Your Fingertips

After spending the last two decades helping clients, we’ve seen how empowering it is for people to have a solid understanding of their finances and future needs and goals.

That’s why we spend so much time sharing the information and options you need to make sound decisions about tax planning, wealth management, estate planning, charitable giving and Social Security benefits.

Give us a call and let’s talk about how to pursue your goals and dreams, armed with knowledge and options.

A Financial Relationship Unlike Any Other


Our education course will help you understand the financial fundamentals of retirement. Every new client we work with comes through this course, informed and energized to move forward!

Time and Detail

We spend more than 50 hours designing a custom plan for each client. This is a dedicated, high-detail analysis of your options and potential outcomes.

Continued Guidance

We work together to implement your plan and keep it on track. It’s a team effort and a long-term relationship toward your biggest retirement goals.

How Strong is Your Retirement Plan?

This quiz can help you determine how strong your retirement income plan is
and the problems you or your portfolio could face in the future.

Retirement Education Hour Radio Show

We Bring the Team to You

At Senior Planning Advisors, we surround you with all the professionals you need to help grow and preserve your hard-earned savings — and design a future you love.

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