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Retirement Education Classes

A nonprofit charitable organization, The Retirement Education Foundation provides retirement education for people aged 50 and older. Our Retirement Education course delivers the knowledge and tools to help those nearing or already in retirement develop comprehensive plans that best fit their needs — no cookie-cutter solutions.
Courses are taught at most major universities in Michigan and online.

The Retirement Education course covers:

  • Tax Planning

  • Income Planning

  • Investment Planning

  • Health care Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • And so much more...

What past students are saying...

K. McDonald

"So many questions ... I need to find out how to answer them. Your course was extremely valuable in pointing out how unprepared I am for retirement ... and now I see the light on what needs to be done."

Scott A.

"Do it. It's not for the faint of heart, but it's a great deep dive."

B. Moser

"There is a different strategy to preserve and distribute wealth versus accumulating it ... Tax management and different financial tools are required ... This course makes you aware of key aspects on this topic."

Maureen A.

"Be prepared for a lot of information!"

Susan S.

"First, it is the comprehensive basics of what you need to know when you are planning for retirement, and I would recommend that they attend five to10 years before retirement."

Wes D.

"Kirk is passionate about this topic and it shows with his unbridled enthusiasm."

N.J. MacIntosh

"Extremely informative. Critical information for anyone wanting to retire without worry."

D. Waldon

"The energy, passion and knowledge of the presenters really added to the value of the course. I knew going in that I had significant gaps in this area, and this helped close them. Thank you!!!"


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