Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is eMoney?
A: A platform that’s capable to house all of your various financial account, allowing you to view all that you have in one place.

Q: How to activate your eMoney account
A: Website registration process guide PDF

Q: How to set up your 2-Factor Authentication
A: 2-Factor Authentication guide PDF

Q: How to add accounts
A: Add Accounts guide PDF

Q: There’s a connect error with my account(s)
A: Troubleshooting Accounts guide PDF


Q: I received an alert from Fidelity titled “Electronic Funds Transfer Link Requested” – what does it mean?
A: This is an automatic alert sent out by Fidelity each time your standing instructions (EFT bank link) is added to one of your accounts. From time to time, we will open new sub accounts to invest strategically per your plan – “buckets within buckets” – when a new sub account is opened, the bank link will be automatically added to this new account for future distribution needs.

Q: How do I request money from my Fidelity accounts?
A: We cannot accept requests for distributions via email. Please call in with your request so that we can verify your identity. If you do email with your request, we will need to call the phone number we have on file to confirm.

Hybrid Annuities:

Q: The hybrid annuity company is sending me forms; do I fill them out?
A: We receive copies of the same letters that are being sent to you by the hybrid companies, such as allocation forms, which we take care of for you. If you’re still not sure, please upload a copy of the letter to your SecureFile Portal and let our Service team know by emailing

Money Movement:

Q: I received a check to my home address for my 401(k) rollover, what do I do with it now? Do I need to endorse the back?
A: No, you do not need to endorse the back of the check. The check should be made payable to Fidelity Investments or Fidelity Investments FBO “client name” – if this is the case, please drop off the check at our nearest office for deposit. If the check does not follow the above guidelines, please email to determine next steps.

Q: How long does it take to receive money to my bank account after I have requested it?
A: It can take about a week to receive funds to your bank account after you have put in a request with SPA for the funds. This is due to internally needing to ensure the funds are being taken from the appropriate accounts in your plan and processing times related to trading your accounts and sending the money to your bank account.

My Plan:

Q: Where can I find my plan?
A: A PDF version of your plan is available in the eMoney vault in the “Retirement Plan” folder. If you do not find your plan here, please email


Q: I’ve noticed a security breach (client bank account, Social Security number, etc.)
A: Contact SPA immediately so that we can take the necessary steps to restricting activity on your accounts, etc.


Q: How do I get my yearend tax documents
A: Log in to or eMoney to print/download them

Q: When can I expect to see my tax form(s)?
A: 2023 Tax Form Delivery Calendar PDF

Q: Is there a CPA you recommend?
A: Don Yaske – P: (248) 921-3881, E:

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