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WDIV Ch. 4: Summer Monkey Mistakes
November 2021
WXYZ Ch. 7: Gen Z-ers entering the workforce are feeling financially stressed. Financial educator Michael shares his tips to avoid money-induced stress.

October 2021
WDIV Ch. 4: Kirk shares what the largest Social Security cost of living adjustment in the last 40 years means for your wallet.

September 2021
WXYZ Ch. 7: Why you need to keep a close eye on your budget while working remotely.
March 2021
WJBK Ch. 2 News – Tax deadline date moved and what you should know before you file this year
March 2021
WJBK Ch. 2 News – What’s missing in the new stimulus bill for retirees
January 2021
WXYZ Ch. 7 News – The Pandemic’s impact on Small Businesses
January 2021
January 2021: WWJ 950 – Stimulus for small businesses
December 2020
WDIV Ch. 4 News – What you need to know about the next stimulus check
November 2020
WDIV Ch. 4 News – How to budget for the holidays
October 2020
WWJ 950 – What to consider when offered a buyout
October 2020
WDIV Ch. 4 News – How to make ends meet if you’re struggling financially
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